The Little Suite for Lifesavers


The Little Box for Lifesavers is a self-contained mail-out that encloses Anthony Nolan’s saliva kit. The inner lid displays instructions on how to sign up and save a life, and the tray can be lifted to reveal promotional material from the charity. The package uses an innovative design that the user can seal up and return to the charity through the mail. 

The Little Card for Lifesavers is a dynamic mail-out that harnesses the enthusiasm and excitement that comes with signing up to Anthony Nolan’s bone marrow register. The mail-out contains shareable, tear-out cards that encourage 16-30 year olds to spread our message. The pack also links with social media, encouraging participants to post photos of their donor cards online using #bethecure. To date, there have been over 2000 image shares on social media websites.